TOP 5 Dumb Business Ideas Bring Millions of Dollars Per Year
Stupid business ideas. Stupid ideas come to every person around the world. Many do not take them seriously, while others, on the contrary, seek to implement and repeat the success…

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TOP 5 Dumb Business Ideas Bring Millions of Dollars Per Year
Stupid business ideas. Stupid ideas come to every person around the world. Many do not take them seriously, while others, on the contrary, seek to implement and repeat the success…

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Your business: how to open a jewelry store
Jewelry store is a profitable and prestigious type of business. There is always a need for jewelry. A high margin on the product provides a good income, which is about…

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Greenhouse under the Beijing cabbage.

Demand for Beijing cabbage is growing every year and more and more vegetable farms decide to cultivate it. Beijing cabbage itself has a delicate taste. Thanks to this, it can be added to a variety of vegetable salads. It also serves to baked chicken or to crab meat. It is important to note the active use of Beijing cabbage in the decoration of meat dishes and carving of cold snacks. In addition, it can be found in vegetable stew, in cabbage rolls, soups, etc.

Indeed, today healthy lifestyle (Healthy Lifestyle) is in trend. And any cabbage is the main source of vitamin C (and not citrus fruits as many believe by mistake). But Peking cabbage is very tender and opens up great opportunities for cooks in cooking. That is why growing Peking in a greenhouse is ideal for a small farm.

Peking cabbage belongs to the family of leafy vegetables Brassica. Its cultivation began in ancient China around the 5th century A.D. and gradually spread to other countries of Asia and Europe. Today it is cultivated in almost all countries of the world. Peking is mainly used for salads, dressing and can be eaten raw.

Beijing cabbage grows in the temperature range of 15-17 ° C, but there are varieties that adapt well to lower temperatures – in the range of 5-10 ° C. For growing in a greenhouse, varieties are suitable:

F1 and all its hybrids;
Growing Beijing cabbage in a greenhouse is possible in winter, spring and at any time of the year, but for this you need to choose the appropriate variety. It is better to choose among F1 hybrids, offering more than a dozen varieties that tolerate small temperature differences and low light.

Important! Beijing cabbage can be planted with cucumbers, beans, carrots, but not with cauliflower, strawberries, broccoli or tomatoes.

Beijing in the greenhouse.
Pekingka grows best on well-drained sandy loamy soils rich in organic matter with an acidity level of 5.5 to 6.5 pH. Fast-growing varieties can grow in sandy soils, and late-ripening ones can grow in heavy soils. To prepare the land in a large greenhouse, it is better to use a tractor, and in a small area it is quite possible to handle manually using a shovel and rake. When loosening, a little organic manure should be added to the soil.

You can plant cabbage by direct sowing or planting seedlings. The seeding rate is 500 grams per hectare for an early harvest and 375 grams per hectare for a late harvest. 2-3 cm deep grooves are created for planting the seeds. The seeds are evenly added along the grooves and lightly dug up with earth, after which they are abundantly watered. Peking cabbage seeds will begin to germinate in about four to five days.

Peking seedlings can be transplanted 3-4 weeks after sowing. It is important to observe the planting interval: seedlings should be at a distance of 45 cm from each other and at a distance of up to 65 cm between rows.

Beijing cabbage requires a constant supply of water for normal growth – a minimum of 3.8 cm of water is required for each plant weekly. Watering is necessary immediately after sowing or transplanting. After this, you need to apply watering with an interval of 10 to 12 days on heavy soils or eight days on light soils. Watering should be carried out regularly during the dry season.

The need for water varies from 380 to 500 mm per crop, depending on the climate and the duration of the growing season. The susceptibility of different varieties to different climatic conditions is also an important point. The best option would be a drip irrigation system. It is also important to use compost to mulch the soil, keep it moist and avoid excessive water loss. It will also help in weed control and in adding nutrients to the soil.

Fertilizers for Beijing cabbage
Beijing requires a large amount of nutrients, so it must be fertilized at each stage of cultivation. The first fertilizers are applied during the preparation of the soil, and then only after 3 weeks, after the formation of the stem base of the plants and then, if necessary. It is recommended to use fertilizers with a high content of potassium, because it is necessary in plant formations.

Peking leaf forms are ready for collection within 30-35 days after emergence, half-rolled – after 40-55, and rolled-out – after 60-70 days. Plants are harvested in the phase of rosette of leaves and head of cabbage, that is, after full ripening. In this, Chinese cabbage is not like peppers, eggplant and tomatoes, which can be harvested before full ripening.

After collecting, the cabbage needs to be rinsed to remove dirt and insects before storing it.

You need to store Beijing cabbage in a cold place, it is better to have a specially equipped room with a low temperature. The maximum shelf life is 3 months.

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